Vehicle-to-grid tech coming in the Renault 5

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Renault’s highly anticipated 5 EV will be equipped with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging which could slash customers’ charging costs by up to 50%, the firm has claimed.


Thanks to the R5's bi-directional charger, combined with the Mobilize Powerbox bidirectional charging station and the Mobilize V2G service, Renault 5 drivers will save on charging and reduce their overall electricity bill by selling electricity back to the power grid.

In addition, according to the Mobilize electricity contract, power used to recharge EV batteries will be carbon neutral. Mobilize V2G sees electric vehicles becoming a source of energy for homes and the grid, providing additional flexibility, and making it easier to integrate renewable energies into the energy mix.

To accompany the Renault 5 launch, Mobilize is launching the Mobilize V2G service, giving Renault 5 owners the ability to save on their home charging, reduce their overall electricity bill by feeding power from the vehicle back into their home and selling power back to the grid, opt for carbon-neutral electricity and therefore play a role in the energy transition. Mobilize V2G will also be available on future Renault electric vehicles.
"Thanks to Mobilize V2G, cars become an energy reserve. All drivers have to do is regularly connect their vehicle to the Powerbox to optimize their electricity bill and cut carbon from their mobility. On average, the cost of charging is cut by half. That is how Mobilize’s mobility solutions are more sustainable and affordable," says Corinne Frasson, Director of Energy Services at Mobilize.

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Thanks to V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology, charging is bidirectional. The Mobilize V2G service not only makes it possible to put charging on hold during peak hours but to also inject power back into the home, especially when electricity is expensive, and into the grid when demand is high. Charging takes place when electricity supply on the grid is high and therefore cheaper.

Cars will be delivered with a wallbox that is only compatible with the 5 EV, and customers will enter a contract with The Mobility House should they want to use V2G charging. The wallbox will use a standard-issue CCS2 adaptor.

Thoral added:
"We will have a global contract for the customer where we will manage to monetise the V2G abilities of the car and the charger, so we will enable flexibility in pricing to ensure the best tariff."

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