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The iconic Renault 5 hatchback is to be revived as the keystone of an electric transformation for the brand that will see seven fully-electric Renaults launched by 2025. Called the Renault 5 Prototype for now, the concept version is a close-to-production glimpse of a new, more affordable rival for the Honda e and MINI Electric.

The new 5 will be one of two new compact Renault electric cars coming in the next five years - the brand will revive the Renault 4 in electric form as well, sitting beneath the 5 as a smaller, more budget friendly electric city car with a practical edge that could see it used for commercial purposes.




Renault 5 EV concept 2021-9.jpg

Renault 5 EV concept 2021-8.jpg

Renault 5 EV concept 2021-7.jpg

Renault 5 EV concept 2021-6.jpg

Renault 5 EV concept 2021-5.jpg

Renault 5 EV concept 2021-4.jpg

Renault 5 EV concept 2021-3.jpg

Renault 5 EV concept 2021-2.jpg

Renault 5 EV concept 2021.jpg


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