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The Renault 5 Roland-Garros 'special series' pays tribute to the iconic French Open tennis venue through several carefully crafted details.

Having partnered with the French Open tennis tournament since 2022, Renault initially introduced the Renault 5 Roland Garros last year, although it was based on the Renault 5 concept. Now, the production version of the Renault 5 Roland-Garros has been revealed, closely resembling its concept counterpart.

Renault offers four paint finishes for the Roland-Garros special series: pearl white, midnight blue, starry black, and an exclusive matte slate grey. These are complemented by a chrome black satin-finish roof, with the car riding on 18-inch diamond-cut wheels in gloss black. The front doors proudly display the Roland-Garros logo encircled by the Cross of Saint Andrew, reminiscent of the emblem adorning the French Open's center court stadium. Renault notes that UK specifications may differ.

Inside the Renault 5 Roland-Garros, light grey upholstery dominates, with Renault highlighting that the fully-recycled dense weave draws inspiration from sports attire. Notably, the backrests of the front seats feature embossed Roland-Garros logos, adding a touch of sporting elegance to the interior.

Renault 5 Roland Garros 001_onqk.jpg

Renault 5 Roland Garros 002_hlpe.jpg

Renault 5 Roland Garros 003_pgvw.jpg

Renault 5 Roland Garros 004_o9jd.jpg

Renault 5 Roland Garros 005_mzva.jpg

Renault 5 Roland Garros 006_rcxz.jpg

Renault 5 Roland Garros 007_xes7.jpg

Renault 5 Roland Garros 008_anwv.jpg

Renault 5 Roland Garros 009_ktgy.jpg

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