The Renault 5 EV Is Set To Offer Best-In-Class Performance And Handling

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The new Renault 5 is being developed to be the most fun small electric car to drive, according to company executives.

Renault-5-Development-CMF-B-EV-A (4).jpg

Thanks to the new modular CMF-B architecture, the Renault 5 will cost 30% less to manufacture than the similarly-sized Zoe. Notably, the EV platform borrows 70% of the parts used in the CMF-B which underpins the Clio and the Captur. It also supports different tracks and wheelbase lengths, for accommodating models from different segments – including the upcoming Renault 4Ever SUV, its LCV counterpart, and the electric successor of the Nissan Micra.

Chief among these is a multi-link rear axle, claimed by Renault to be the only one used by a B-segment electric car. Multi-link suspension typically provides a better balance between ride and handling than the torsion beams used by the Renault Zoe. The new modular platform is easier to make, develop, and optimize the performance of next-generation B-segment electric vehicles. The advantages of the new design mean that a new generation of electric vehicles can be created, with adjustable tracks and wheelbase to allow for different body types and styles. Like the Megane E-Tech electric, the future electric Renault 5 will be the benchmark for its segment in terms of driving pleasure.

Jeremie Coiffier, the head of engineering for the B-Segment EV family at Renault, promised “best-in-class performance”. He also expects the Renault 5 EV to be “the benchmark for its segment in terms of driving pleasure”. Jean-Sébastien Blazy, vice-president for vehicle performance, said: “The R5 will be totally comparable in terms of vehicle dynamics [with] the Mégane E-Tech.” He also said: “Thanks to the rear axle, we had the opportunity to have this multi-link and to put a lot of understeering behaviour on the rear axle. It’s thanks to that you have a very good stability of the car, because safety is key for sure.

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