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It seems some UK media were invited to drive the Renault 5 prototype (which is currently disguised with a Clio body) and have now released their reviews.

Renault 5 prototype-8.jpg

Please see the round up below, if you've found any more, please leave a comment below:

Auto Express:
First conceptualised in 2021, the hype around the Renault 5 EV has soared. The concept is a modern nod to the original, with an electric heart in place of a tiny internal combustion engine. The production car will be with us in 2024, but we’ve been for an icy spin in an early Clio-bodied prototype to see what the future will feel like.

It’s still very early days for the Renault 5 EV, and this prototype is understandably a little rough around the edges. Braking and steering are a real highlight however, and point towards an engaging, entertaining package. With a focus on fun and agility, the Renault 5 hopes to appeal to all types of drivers, and from early impressions it feels rather promising.
Read the full review here: ... ype-review

Driving Electric:
The Renault 5 was already one of the most hotly-anticipated EVs of the decade, but our brief stint behind the wheel of this prototype has us even more excited for the car’s launch in 2024. There’s still plenty of work to be done, though the Renault 5’s focus on being fun, entertaining and agile for drivers of all types and abilities shone through nonetheless and suggests this will be a fantastic electric city car when it finally lands.
Read the full review here: ... ype-review

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