Alpine A290 Interior

The Alpine A290is an extensively reworked version of the Renault 5 EV
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The cockpit focuses on sport in an exclusive ambience, typical of the Alpine world, with the choice of a Deep Blue tone. The driver-oriented cockpit and its passenger side sights, where the car's name is displayed in backlighting, are complemented by adjustable ambient lighting. The steering wheel, console and seats invite you to hit the road. The A290 is a lively small saloon, with 5 doors for easy access to its 5 seats and a generous 326-litre boot capacity.

First, the exclusive three-spoke sports steering wheel, with a flattened mid-point, is covered in Nappa leather. Highly sculpted and modern, it is designed with accentuated piping to underline its sporty character and a wide steering wheel hoop for better grip. It includes several specific aluminium buttons inspired by the world of Formula 1 racing, with the RCH (for Recharge) rotary knob on the left, to set the regeneration level, the various driving modes on the right, and the immediately recognisable red OV (for Overtake) button above. The steering wheel also includes controls for the driving aids, telephone, voice assistant and instrument display mode. There is also a bespoke audio control pod.

A sport pedal and footrest complete the ergonomics of the A290's sporty driving position. The 10.1-inch central screen is angled towards the driver, and the physical air-conditionning controls can be adjusted without taking your eyes off the road.

The high centre console between the two seats is inspired by the A110's iconic design and incorporates the RND transmission controls. Every detail of this area has been carefully considered, with the car's name embossed on the central armrest, Alpine 'Snowflake' grain on the key slot, and the console upholstered in top-of-the-range Nappa leather.

The seats, a fundamental component of any sports car, are meticulously designed in the A290. They offer side reinforcement for extra support without compromising on everyday comfort. Upholstered in environmentally friendly materials, they are a testament to our commitment to sustainability. In the first trim levels, the seats are upholstered in a grained coated fabric (15% recycled plastic and hemp fibre) combined with a deep blue 100% recycled fabric with silica grey contrast stitching and an electro-welded arrow-shaped A logo in the upper section of the backrest. The dashboard, the sides of the centre console and the door panels are padded with a grained-coated fabric.

In the top-of-the-range GT Premium and GTS versions, the seats, dashboard, and door panels are upholstered in Deep Blue and Eevee Grey Nappa leather. Alpine is embossed on the leather headrests, and A290 is embroidered in the centre of the backrest medallion. This Nappa leather is sourced in Europe and processed sustainably. It is tanned using coffee bean pods and plant-based agents for the finish.





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